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Kevin L - 7/26/27/2019
Oswego, IL
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I highly recommend Meridian Restoration Inc. and Alex Baron, their Sales Manager for anybody that needs their roof replaced due to hail damage. I had hail damage from a storm in April and did what most people would o and called their insurance company. After many delays, the insurance company sent an inspector to look at my roof and he spent no more than 10 minutes and stated there was no damage. He leaned a ladder against the roof and only visually inspected it. Then the next month, we had another hail storm and I didn't even bother to call my insurance company based on the "inspection" that they conducted after the last storm. That's when Alex Baron and Meridian Restoration knocked on my door. He asked if they could inspect my roof and I figured "what the heck". They did a very thorough inspection and found hail damage that was probably there from the month prior. So I called my insurance company and this time with Meridian representing me as my contractor, and Alex present for the inspection, the result was much different. They took pictures and documented the damage. After a week or so, the insurance company called and said they want to do a follow up inspection. Again, Alex was there to represent me, and after a little back and forth, my roof replacement was approved. Fast forward to today, and I have a brand new beautiful roof. Meridian employed a great crew and after the "controlled chaos" of the tear off and build, their crew was very organized and clean and did a great job. I would recommend Alex Baron and Meridian Restoration to anybody that needs any home repairs as my experience has been excellent.
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